Title: Reckless Games

Rating: R

Fandom/Pairing: The Heirs/Young Do x Rachel

Word Count: ~13,000

Summary: Young Do never wanted to end up like his father. He wanted to treasure friendships and loyalty, to protect his loved ones, to find someone he could be wholeheartedly in love with….

Kim Woo Bin & Song Ji Hyo at the Samsung This is Living event in Vietnam.


Elie Saab - F/W 2014/15 Ready To Wear

There’s only one thing I want, it’s to be a good person, a good actor. Actually I’m not sure what being a good actor entails, but I’m working hard to find out.”

Kim Woo Bin for Sieg


Paolo Sebastian S/S Haute Couture (2012/13)


Paolo Sebastian S/S Haute Couture (2012/13)

[On how he would describe himself in 3 words]

My key words are model, actor, dinosaur. Lots of people say I look like one, I don’t disagree. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise as I stand out among the flower boys?(x)

"People are born alone and they die alone. Don’t beg for love like a kid, and don’t pout because you don’t get attention."

I feel the most baffled when people ask me about fashion. I just wear what I like and talk with my friends and that’s all there is to it, really. I’ve never tried dressing anyone either so whenever somebody asks for my advice…. I really feel lost.

Joo Won & Shim Eun Kyung | Tomorrow Cantabile stills


Kim Woo Bin for W Magazine, March 2014
I’m quite different compared to my other fellow actors who are all pretty flowery guys, I’m more the unique-looking actor. On the internet, I saw an article that analyzed why “Kim Woo Bin resembles a dinosaur”.  Even when I see it myself, I do think I look a little bit like a dinosaur.”
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